How do you prioritise and align focus when change is the only constant? How do you manage products when you haven’t reached product-market-fit and everyone’s requesting changes?

In this article, I aim to explain how we at Skira were able to:

  1. Increase agility in R&D
  2. Create a scalable framework in terms of prioritisation, and thereby decrease the risk of diminishing returns from extended resources
  3. Increase sense of impact for each software developer
  4. Enable trust and grant mandate easier
  5. Tear down walls between domains


As a start, I present some basic facts as ground truth in this introduction. After that, I’ll…

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison

How it all started

I’ve many times revisited the different problems we’ve faced over the last three years, in order to understand how we ended up building a marketplace for grains. It’s not a straight path. But we’ve never diverged from our purpose.

Help farmers bring better food to more people through technology.

In order to help the market to become more dynamic our hypothesis was that the market actors needed more information. Our first solution was to request price information from the buyers, where we met what seemed to be immovable objects.

The most obvious solution was then to reach out to the…

Joel Glemne

R&D Manager and founder of Skira. Things that make me happy: bread, skiing and audio books.

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